Hemming Lace

P4250112Lace is back!! Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE the Barbie in the Cake dress. The bigger, the better… But after years of taffeta and tulle it is so refreshing to see that romance is back. I’ve altered more lace gowns the last three months than I have in ten years. Lace is beautiful, elegant, timeless and expensive. Hemming lace is time consuming and the price can escalate quickly.

P4250111This dress needed to be hemmed 2″. The bride had an alteration budget and we needed a solution to keep costs low. We decided to hem just 30″ at center front so that her shoe would not catch when she was walking down the isle. I was careful to keep the angle gradual so that no one would know that the hem did not go all the way around. It worked great! You’d have to look close to know that this dress was ever hemmed.